Phantom Strobon UAV Strobe Cree® LED Light

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Strobon Cree® UAV Strobe Light is the Brightest Light for your UAV Drone

No cabling required. Just attach it to your drone or model airplane with your favorite glue or velcro, press the button to turn it ON. That's all. 


  • 2+ hours continuous operation with onboard battery.
  • Powerful Cree® Standalone LED
  • No Cabling required
  • Easy to use single button interface.
  • On board battery status and charge indicator system.
  • Compatible with all 5V MicroUSB cables and chargers.(cable not included)
  • Contact Pads(L+ and L-) for the external LED support.
  • Battery with internal overcharge and discharge protection.

Colour Selection 

Because of human eye's limitations, Every colour has different visibility and energy transfer rate. 
Also every LED colour has different chemical compounds and efficiency.
According our experience in years;
WHITE :  The best visibility and efficiency. 
BLUE     :  efficiency is same as white but the best for warning.