SimActive Correlator3D High-End Mapping Software

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Correlator3D is a high-end mapping software to process imagery to generate mapping products : Download Free Trial ➜


What are the resources to get started with Correlator3D and how long does it take?

Through its intuitive design, Correlator3D is easy and quick to learn. No formal training is required. To facilitate new users’ experience with the software, SimActive offers to process a sample dataset to show project preparation and optimal results through an online demonstration. It is also recommended to read the Quickstart Guide for a summary of the workflow.

As a professional tool, is Correlator3D more difficult to use than other tools?

Correlator3D has an intuitive environment developed for optimal interaction with data. Users can choose between automating the full workflow, and powerful editing tools that combine for a seamless user experience. As for any higher-end product, basic knowledge of photogrammetric principles will help in obtaining quality outputs and results that go beyond project requirements.

There are many other tools available on the market, why Correlator3D?

While particular users may be initially satisfied with one-button / black box
solutions, no software other than Correlator3D provides both the power and
flexibility required to generate results. 

What accuracy can be reached with Correlator3D?

Correlator3D builds on advanced and rigorous algorithms to achieve the highest
accuracy possible from any dataset. However, final accuracies will be mostly governed by external factors. These include the type of camera, the quality of the lens, the altitude and flightpaths, the use of ground control points, to only name a few. Correlator3D produces detailed quality reports that provide exact measurements on the obtained accuracy from the inputs used.

Why this more difficult dataset appears to produce decent results with another software tool?

The fact that outputs are visually appealing does not necessarily imply that they are good. When performing an in-depth analysis of such results, they often reveal several major problems:distortion, holes, accuracy issues, interpolation to fill gaps, etc. In many cases, a side-by-side analysis will prove that Correlator3D generated better results. The software provides transparent and unbiased quality metrics as well as precise indications of where potential problems could occur, rather than hiding them. This approach guarantees
satisfaction from the end-user, to whom final mapping products are being delivered.