Manifold 2-C – Intel® Core™ i7-8550U

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Exceptional Expandability

Connect a variety of accessories to the Manifold 2, expanding the functionality of your drone solution.
Scale up your drone or robotics operations by harnessing multiple units on one platform.

Comprehensive Connectivity

Leverage DJI Developer Technologies to unlock the full potential of your Manifold 2 and build any solution with access to DJI’s Onboard SDK, Payload SDK, and Windows SDK1.

Supported Products

Matrice 600 Pro,Matrice 210 Series2,Matrice 210 RTK Series3,N3 Flight Controller,A3 Flight Controller.
1. Windows SDK is only supported by the Manifold 2-C with a Windows 10 operating system installed.
2. M210, M210 V2
3. M210 RTK, M210 RTK V2
4. Devices connected to the Manifold 2 via the Switch can access the Internet when there is an Internet connection.
5. Allows users to safely and securely mount the Manifold 2 to their M200 Series and M200 Series V2 aircraft.