GeoCue Group LP360 for sUAS

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GeoCue Group LP360 for sUAS

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LP360 for sUAS

LP360 for sUAS is an advanced desktop application designed to make easy work of extracting information and derived products from data collected by small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS, UAVs, drones).

An sUAS provides a cost effective approach for collecting image and derived point cloud elevation data over project areas where manned aerial flights would be cost prohibitive.

LP360 works with point clouds derived from LIDAR systems as well as Structure from Motion (SfM, dense image matching, point clouds from imagery, multi-ray, photogrammetry) point clouds. For sUAS data collection and processing, LP360
picks up where point cloud generation tools such as PhotoScan and Pix4D leave off. LP360 has a very rapid Return on Investment (ROI), paying for itself within just a few stockpile edit sessions.

Examples include:
• Localized, high resolution inspection
• Volumetric analysis for stockpiles and open pit mines/quarries
• Cut and Fill (earthworks) analysis for construction projects
• Detailed site planning
• Small area mapping for site planning


LP360 includes an extensive collection of visualization modes and tools. Comprehensive visualization is a core element of the exploitation environment both for inspection and for quality assurance. Image derived points can be displayed by intensity, color value, elevation and classification. LIDAR data includes the additional modes of Return, Scan angle, and Point Source ID.

Modes such as Classification can be modulated by intensity, a feature essential to interactive classification. Rendering modes include points, a surface model triangulated irregular network (TIN), wireframe and combinations of points on surfaces. Surface “sun” shading is also supported. Contours are dynamically generated and displayed. Viewing windows include plan (map) view, profile (cross section) and 3D.

Based on years of experience with photogrammetry and LIDAR tool development, LP360 gives you the confidence that you are delivering products of the highest integrity to your customers. 

There is a free Viewer available that you can deliver to your customers, allowing them to experience the rich value of point cloud/ortho data.