GeoCue Group Airborne Sensor Processing Suite (ASPSuite)

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GeoCue Group Airborne Sensor Processing Suite (ASPSuite)

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GeoCue Enables Third Party GNSS Use with Phantom 4 RTK

ASPSuite only – this is for customers who have a survey-grade L1/L2 base station, already own the P4R drone and now need a proper surveying workflow. This offer includes camera calibration (customer pays to/from shipping to GeoCue for their P4R).

All options include online training and one year of customer support.

ASPSuite enables integration of the P4R with third party L1/L2 GNSS base stations such as systems from Septentrio, Leica, Trimble, TopCon, CHC and others in a high accuracy Post-Process Kinematic (PPK) workflow.

In addition to performing Post-Processed Kinematic (PPK) processing, ASPSuite includes support for options often required in engineering grade surveys such as:

  •  vertical transforms (e.g. ellipsoid to country-specific geoids)
  • application of antenna static and dynamic lever arm corrections
  • and, of course, full support for Loki direct geopositioning systems
  • creation of and transformation between collection datums and local coordinate systems (“site calibration”)

ASP Local Coordinate System Manager computes a temporary transverse Mercator projection over the site area to obtain projected easting/northing coordinates. Then, a least-squares solution is computed to obtain the translation, scale, and rotation values that best fit the temporary projected coordinates to the site’s supplied local coordinates. Finally, a second least-squares planar solution is used to transform from the GNSS-derived heights to local heights. The parameters for these transforms are saved in the Local Coordinate System manager as a “named” local system and can be applied as a final step in ASP processing so that local eastings, northings, and altitudes are output for the collected images. When these are ingested into the image-to-point cloud applications, the output point cloud and orthomosaic will be created in the local coordinate system.