Flame Wheel 550 ARF Kit

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DJI Flame Wheel F550 ARF Multicopter Kit with Motors, Esc and Props

The Flame Wheel F550 from DJI is a multi-use multi-rotor flying platform (Quad-copter). If you were a beginner interested in learning how to fly a multi-rotor, or an RC enthusiast who likes to assemble and fly quad copters for an FPV experience, or even a professional photographer who is looking for a flying platform to take aerial photographs and videos, the DJI Flame Wheel is an awesome choice. Simply add a DJI NAZA V2 flight controller and enjoy superb performance from hovering and cruising stability for aerial photography and FPV to rolling and other advanced maneuvers.  

- Frame Arms made from PA66+30GF ultra strength material and design to provide better crash worthiness.
- Features a high strength compound PCB frame board which makes ESCs and battery wiring easier and safer.
- Optimized frame design with abundant assembly space for autopilot systems and other DJI gadgets.
- A choice of  different frame arms colours; red, white and black (supplied with red and white).

What is supplied in the box
- 1 x Complete frame
- 6 x ESC (30A)
- 6 x Motor (2212)
- 6 x blades (10inch)